Pakilan Aikuiset Naiset treenaa tosissaan, vaan ei tosikkoina.

Joukkue koostuu sekä vanhoista pelinaisista että aikuisena korikseen hurahtaneista ja pelaa yhdellä kokoonpanolla eteläisellä alueella 4. divisioonaa sekä toisella "mammaringillä" aktiivisesti ystävyysotteluita kuntosarjatasolla.

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Laji Koripallo
Kotipaikka Helsinki
Sarja 4. Divisioona, mammasarja
Jäseniä 17
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Kirjaudu sisään lukeaksesi viesti.
Kirjaudu sisään lukeaksesi viesti.
Kirjaudu sisään lukeaksesi viesti.

Hi Team!
Congrats on an amazing win! No doubt one of the most exciting Endings in basketball history!

You girls manage to steal a win from a tough, rough and heavy team. How did you do this?

* Defense: You did a wonderful work as a team playing ice, not getting intimidated by huuuge girls and communicating the whole game. After months and months of trying, you finally got it! I'm really happy and proud of all of you for your defense.

* Rebounds: You girls were amazing! We grabbed 80 (35 offensive rebounds !!!!! what !?) rebounds as a team! not even in the WNBA. Your attitude was amazing.

* Organized offense: You girls Remained calm for most of the game and never lost your confidence. This is the result of game experience, trust in your teammates, and believing in the basketball we are trying to play as a team.

* Turnovers: We managed to lose the ball very little, only 7 times. Communication for this was the key.

What to Improve?
* Second Chances: we've got an amazing amount of second chances, but we missed many opportinieties under the basket.

* Help from the weak side is the defense. We are getting better, but there is still room for improvement.

Some individual comments:

Riika: Great game. you managed and kept the pace of the game, and you did quite an OK to shoot at the end;). Great game captain! (6 assits, Riika rubia!)

Armi: 11 points, 19 rebounds, 4 steals. You are not human. Great on defense and offense. We will practice on the soft touch under the basket to Improve Those second-chance opportunities
Sanna: Amazing defense! Great on playing ice and communicating. You Made Good Decisions when shooting. Let's work on Those passes to minimize turnovers; 2 hands and to an open player. no need of Unnecessary Risks while passing. 7 rebounds! not bad ...

Pia: Unfortunate incident. You were starting to heat up when you got injured. We all hope you are better and That You recover really soon. Your skills and positive energy are a great contribution to the team. When is the party?

Jenna: Defense and rebound machine. Great work on the glass and helping your teammates. We will work hard on the soft touch to Improve the scoring under the basket.

Eija: Great start of the game, running and defending. Awesome job on the glass too, 14 rebounds. Need to still work on your foot coordination and defense awareness.

Moisio: Great job defense playing ice. You made good offense decisions and you got great looks at the basket. Last quarter you got on fire and made key baskets. Also great job on the boards, 13 rebounds.

Tytti: great job on defense! finally you gotice :) attitude and effort was great for the team. Need to Improve on your foot work and passing still.

Below you can see a summary of the stats of the game. They are probably 90% accurate. We are trying to get this stats So that you can see in Which other ways you Contribute to the team and what is things you might want to Improve.

We are on the Beta stage is this stat system. Victor was working all game to get as much data as they could, but it's not an easy job. We will need the collaboration of everyone in the bench during games So that we can get more reliable data.

All this efforts we are doing is Because We know you can get better, but for this we need your attention, collaboration, effort and most important your willingness to Improve, otherwise it does not make sense for us to use our time on this.

Based on this philosophy + our team we will work towards improving even more as a team.

Congrats again team!

Have a great week!


I really need to practise that soft touch! Thanks and congrats to coaches, great coaching, right decisions in right moment!


Taas tulee suomeksi! Kiitos coachit!! Loistavaa työtä teette! Ja joukkueen "piiskaus" eteenpäin ja kohti parempaa peliä on todella hienoa! Koripallointo ei ole ollut tällaisessa nosteessa sitten... ööö... 20vuotta! ;D Siks piti heittää sisään se viimeinen kolmonen! :D

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Yhteyshenkilö: Tytti Hallavo,

Harjoitusajat: To klo 18-19:30 Pihkapuiston koulu, Su klo 17:30-19:00 (vaihtelua) MPH.

Kotipelit pelaamme useimmiten Malmin Palloiluhallilla, Siemenkuja 3, Helsinki.